The Most Creative Scam Schemes You Have Ever Heard About

In 2006, according to statistics, in the course of financial fraud, 28 million Britons lost 1 billion pounds. Observers of The Times ranked the most daring scams. The most famous spam letter in the world leads in the fraud rating. It is signed by the mysterious Dave Rode and is titled "Earn Fast." This message was received 20 years ago. The letter encourages recipients to send money to the name of the first person in the address list, and then copy it and send it to one hundred other addresses. In exchange for this modest investment, the obedient performers of someone else's will promised huge profits.

He is just one of the many scammers who have scammed lots of people. Every country has its own famous scammer. Russian millionaire Dmitriy Tsvetkov, who got a lot of money for the so-called business and banking consulting services, the well-known financier Robert Allan Stanford, Jerome Kerviel, the banker, and many others. Let's look at some of the creative scams.

The Canadian Lottery: What Is This?

The objects of this criminal scheme were people from the list of ordinary people that is distributed among criminal organizations. This list includes people who have already come across such tricks in the past. Naive ordinary people received calls and letters informing them that they had won a fortune in the lottery. They were only required to send money for organizational expenses.

Scams on the World Wide Web

Another typical story is associated with a dating site that has become a popular resource among residents of the whole world. Malihu Ramu, a Singaporean married woman, found her scam victim on the World Wide Web. The woman was sentenced to six months in prison. She lured out of the US citizen 45 thousand dollars (money for the funeral of the mother and the wedding of a friend), promising to marry him. Knowing that "love is blind," the woman used a fictitious name and picture of the Bollywood star Gaytri Joshi to trap the victim. Only after she began to ask the American more and more, that suspicion arose and he went to the police.

Financial Pyramids

Financial history knows many examples of different "pyramids", starting from the time of the King of Peas. This phenomenon does not remain aloof from the compilers of the top scams. They remembered the so-called Albanian pyramid. This fraudulent scheme flourished in the 1990s. Thousands of people sold their homes and farms, tempted by the promise of unheard of wealth - more than 100% per year. Initially, this operation was carried out with the support of the government.

However, sweet dreams were short-lived, as a result, millions of Albanians were left without a penny. This scandal caused riots in the streets, led to the overthrow of the government and provoked a civil war in a poor Balkan country.