How to date a firefighter girl

Dating a girl of such a serious profession is not easy. Men easily get jealous or scared of people who fulfilled their childhood dream. And do not tell me you didn't play firefighters when you were little. So, you know that firefighters have a lot of courtesy and bravery, so you have to admit and respect that. For all of those who have a heart, burning from desire to get a firefighter girlfriend, we dedicated some essential tips and tricks:

  1. Be ready for her frequent calls

    Dating with a rescuer is not easy, all in all. She is always ready to jump out of the bed and into the fire (figuratively and literally). So not only should you respect her difficult timetable, you should also help her feel more relaxed, because sudden calls in the middle of the night can cause anxiety in many people.

  2. Be ready to never plan and have a team

    And that is not because she doesn't know how to do commitments. In fact, firefighters are one of the most (if not the most) dedicated and serious people. So you should treat your relationship respectively. But if you want to watch some Netflix and chill late at night, there will be high probability that you will end up eating popcorn, sitting by yourself in the darkness while she will save people from the fire. By the way, firefighters have communities of friends with different nationalities. So if you want some Russian women to marry you, they might as well take you to the local department and show to her friends. You can read more perks here:

  3. Be ready for her salary

    An average firefighter makes about 46 thousand dollars, but in some big cities, such as California, their salary reaches 70 thousand dollars. (You can check all the salaries here: So if your earnings are more on a modest side, then it will be a little difficult to put up with her success. Always make sure that you support her, don't be a salty boyfriend!

  4. Be ready for her male friends

    When it comes to rescuing people, most teams that are formed at the department, consist of males. So no surprise your girl will be a center of attention with all of her guy friends. They might even visit your place recently as most of the time, firefighters build a good connection in their department.

  5. Don't expect her to be perfect all the time

    Remember that real female firefighters look nothing like models on the Halloween costume sites. They are much more beautiful, but serious as well. She probably wears the same uniform for 5 days in a row, so don't expect her a rescuer to look like Jessica Alba on a daily basis.

  6. You can't get angry at her

    Remember, a female firefighter didn't choose to spend all the holidays at the firehouse, so don't be a jerk and respect a person who has such a responsible profession!

  7. Learn more about trucks, fire, firehouse and other important stuff. This will make your date attracted to your commitment.