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For more history on the Ancient Order of Hibernians, please read the attached pdf file entitled, The Ancient Order of Hibernians - Its Origins and Record.

The Division's membership grew in 2010, and our main activities involving the St. Patrick's Day celebrations in March, the Hospitality Area at Irish Fest in August, and the fundraising at the William Ryan Drew Spaghetti Dinner in October reflected the increasing interest in the Division's activities. There will be more of the same in 2011, and we hope to bring Hibernians together from all over the Midwest to Irish Fest to experience Milwaukee Division hospitality. Contact one of the officers to be more involved in the fun!

Members who may need a ride to an AOH meeting may contact the following: Doug Smith, (414) 581-3373, for members in Wauwatosa, West Allis, or the west side of Milwaukee. Mark Orlovsky, (414) 870-8982, for north Wauwatosa (the 92nd and Capitol area). Rick McMahon, (262) 442-8131, for Waukesha. Andy Barnes, (414) 453-0243, for Wauwatosa or West Allis.

Ed Shanley, Division President

Members: Click here to download the AoH Milwaukee Golf Shirt order form.